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Our Stories



Collins is 3 years old. His father died of HIV/AIDS. Collins with his two siblings lives with their grandmother. His mother abandoned the children, she is married elsewhere. They live in a semi permanent house.


Helen is 6 years old. Both parents died of HIV/AIDs.  Helen and 5 others live with their grandmother who takes care of them.


Timothy is 6 years old. His father died of HIV / Aids related diseases. Unfortunately Timothy is also HIV-positive. They live in a 2- roomed iron corrugated mud plastered house. Timothy's mother Dorcus aged 42 years of age, is also HIV- positive and unable take care of her two children. She is frail looking and gets her daily income by doing manual work for people to feed her family of 3 children.


Samson is 8 years old. He has eight other siblings. His father is died of HIV/AIDS, his mother has been affected mentally, and therefore in capable of providing the basic needs for the nine children.  The family lives  in a grass thatched mud plastered house. The grandmother is the one responsible for providing the daily food of the children.


Willy is 5 years old.  His father died of HIV/ AIDs.  
His mother abandoned him and got married elsewhere.
Willy lives with his 62 year old grandmother. The grandfather
does basketry, which is a source of their livelihood.


Paul is 4 years old. His father died of HIV/AIDs. His mother abandoned him and got married. Paul now lives with his grandmother a mud plastered iron corrugated house. The grandmother, who also supports other grandchildren, does casual work for people to earn a living.


Dishon is 5 years old. His father died when he was 3 years old, leaving behind Dishon and other siblings under the care of their mother Susan. His grandmother gets her daily income by working for people on their shamba, fetching water or splitting wood for firewood. They live in an iron corrugated and plastered two roomed house.


Benjamin is 4 years old.  Both of his parents died of HIV/ AIDS. Benjamin has joined his 5 cousins in a 3 - roomed iron corrugated mud plastered house. His aunt Dorcus who is also a widow does general labour to feed the family.